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Why Is My Karma Bad? How to Change Your Luck For the Better Forever!

Why is my karma so bad? Why do I seem to have a perpetual plate of bad luck that never seems to go away? Did I do something wrong in a previous life? Or, am I doing the wrong things in this one, and simply don't know any better? Why do SO many other people keep getting things to fall their way...
when for me, nothing ever works out quite as well as planned? In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at how to change your luck (or karma, in my language) for the better...
and answer some common questions about WHY things happen the way they do, from an astrological or big picture perspective.
Curious to know more? Continue reading as we take a closer look below! Why is my karma bad? Is it the result of things I've done in a past life that I don't remember? Good question, and one that is hard to answer honestly as well.
If you subscribe to the idea of "evolving" cause and effect, the actions you do in one life continue to have consequences in the next.
So, while most of us only really remember the "current" lifetime we're in, and can only try to understand our luck from the vantage point of recent actions, in reality, the BIG picture is way beyond what you can remember.
For example? I like to think of life as a continuous string of unique experiences that aren't limited by time, space or any given "personality" that we have for a fixed period of years.
For example, I truly believe that the REAL "You" is a timeless, eternal energy body that is much MORE than the physical shell you occupy for a slender shred of time (and that most of us think of as our true selves).
In other words...
Each life "here" is designed to teach us lessons, to give us experiences, and an education that is essential to our spiritual development, and to the growth of our authentic self in the world (or worlds) that await.
Your karma, therefore...
is NEVER good or bad per se.
Rather, it's a compendium of learning opportunities, and what you choose to take away from them.
In some respect, and I know all of the above is controversial and hard for many to believe...
but I truly believe that there is NO bad, or good karma at all.
From the highest UNIVERSAL perspective, things just "are" the way they are.
The only judgements are insofar as what you take away from each experience, each lifetime, and each relationship that is crucial to your spiritual development.
The KEY to changing your karma from one of hard luck to one of enduring optimism and opportunity? One word: AWARENESS.
Being aware that you are not "stuck" in this life, or in this body, or in this family, or whatever set of circumstances you see as trapping you, or keeping you down.
Being aware that you are a timeless soul who is loved, and watched, and cared for by a benevolent Spirit that is woven into the fabric of the Universe, is empowering, liberating and incredibly freeing as well.
It sounds silly to some, to simple to others, but in reality, it really is that easy.
You are bigger than your body.
Larger than one lifetime.
And the lessons you are here to learn are part of the package you picked...
when the Universe placed you back here to experience them.
Each life is like a little chapter in the big book that is you.
If you want your luck to change, wake UP, get your pen out and start re-writing yours with kindness, love and a spirit of gratitude, and it will...
I promise, starting today!

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