Home & Garden Maintenance & Repairs

Winter Household Tips

    Heating System

    • Your heating system will be frequently used in the cold winter months. Schedule yearly maintenance before cold weather begins. Inspect and change filters. Vacuum the vents to remove dust and dirt so that dirt does not further tax your heating system.


    • Check on the status of your roof by inspecting it with a ladder or binoculars. If there are missing shingles or breaks, repair them using shingles and roofing cement. If your roof needs to be replaced, contact a roofing company. A roof in poor shape can deteriorate under harsh precipitation during winter, resulting in leaks and loss of warm air.


    • Check for breaks in insulation around vents, windows and doors. Use caulk to seal any open spaces. Cover any exterior water faucets with winterizing foam caps (available at most hardware stores) and disconnect and store away water hoses to prevent frozen pipes.


    • Remove leaves and other debris from gutters. If gutters are blocked, excessive rain, snow and ice can build up and may break the gutter or damage the roof.


    • Examine your home, fence, shed and any other outdoor structures to see whether they need a paint touch-up. Work to restore paint while weather is cool and dry so that the paint cures properly. Cracking paint on a home, deck or shed exposes the material below the paint, which can cause permanent damage if the material is exposed to a wet, cold winter.

    Smoke Detectors and Alarms

    • Replace batteries in smoke detectors or other alarms so that they are in proper working condition during the winter months.


    • Replace light bulbs in outdoor light fixtures and reset any timers as days shorten during winter. With more darkness than other seasons, outdoor lights receive more use.

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