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Professional Looking Canvas Prints for Artists and Photographers

For artists and professional photographers, canvas print services offer an excellent and cost-effective solution for reproducing their original works. Many are finding that it is opening new opportunities to reproduce and sell finely detailed, accurate reproductions of their works at very competitive prices.

The high-tech equipment used in the production of canvas prints [] maintains a very high level of color accuracy, sharpness and detail, even when enlarged many times. Industrial-grade, wide format printers deliver rich, true color and high quality, archival canvas results in a finished product that maintains the integrity of the original. Archival quality inks are engineered for depth and range of color, as well as fade resistance and sharpness. Made specifically for canvas printing, these inks meet the most exacting standards of color reproducibility.

Canvas printing is a versatile option for amateurs and professionals alike since any photo or other two-dimensional image can be digitized, edited, enlarged to order and printed. Cotton canvases are engineered specifically for these printers, produced in long rolls which are acid-free and coated for ink adhesion. Typically, these rolls are in a variety of lengths. Individuals can create a unique and professional-looking print on canvas based on canvas texture and finish.

Inks are applied directly to the canvas material in a microfine spray. This technique provides extremely high resolution even when enlarged many times. The use of pigment based inks rather than dye based inks results in a finished product that is far superior to traditional inkjet printing. The development of these inks was the turning point for canvas printing as professional artists and photographers began to see and appreciate the quality fo the finished product.

Extremely durable and able to maintain their bright, vibrant colors without fading, discoloring or bleeding, canvas printing is an economical way to successfully enlarge and reproduce images. High quality materials and excellent printing and finishing techniques ensure that a cheap canvas print will not look cheap - the results are almost indistinguishable from the original work of art.
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technology is providing a cost-effective solution for artists and professional photographers to reproduce their works for resale and display.

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