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What Harmful Ingredients Are in Your Anti Aging Products?

Your anti aging products could contain harmful ingredients that could cause serious health issues.
Your skin is sensitive and should not be subjected to harsh chemicals.
What is even more shocking is that your anti aging products could contain chemicals that actually speed up the process of aging, rather than slow it down.
What is the point in this? There is none.
Learn what harmful ingredients could be in your skin care products and then make a change to natural anti aging products.
Ingredients to Stay away from · Mineral Oil - Many companies use this because it is cheap and easy to use.
While it may feel moist when it is applied because it is a petroleum by-product, in actuality its molecules will clog the minute skin pores.
This will give you oilier skin, more blackheads and acne.
· Alcohol - This ingredient will actually dehydrate the skin.
It reduces the natural moisture in the skin, which can lead to wrinkles.
There is no place for alcohol in anti aging products.
· Parabens - These are preservatives that can increase the shelf life of a product.
These can actually increase the risk of cancerous tumors.
Parabens are potentially carcinogenic.
· Neurotoxins, Irritants, and Phthalates - These ingredients can cause serious and permanent damage to the brain cells.
They can also cause damage to the endocrine system of your body and impair the reproductive system.
The problem with these ingredients is that they are not likely listed as such on the label.
In fact, shockingly, many times they come in the form of fragrance.
These ingredients will make your skin dry, make it lose its texture and tone, make it become saggy, and make it develop wrinkles and age spots.
Aren't these all things you are trying to avoid in the first place? Do not worry; however, there is an alternative.
There are anti aging beauty products that truly can help you slow down or prevent these signs of growing old.
The first step is to recognize the bad ingredients, and then to look for the good.
Go All Natural Switch over to all natural products to truly help you with the signs of aging.
With all natural products, you can be assured that they do not contain things that can cause you serious health issues.
You can also be assured that they will not be doing the reverse effect of the results you want.
There are many natural ingredients that will help you delay or prevent the signs of aging, such as: green tea, fruit enzymes, sea weed, vitamins, essential oils, and pomegranate.
Facial Exercises and Acupressure There are some other things you can try to prevent or slow down the fact that you are growing older.
Facial exercises could help keep your facial muscles firm to help prevent wrinkles and sagging.
Yoga has some great facial exercise you can try.
Acupressure is an inexpensive technique that targets specific points on the face to tone and tighten the skin.
On these points, you simple apply pressure for a few seconds.
This technique has been around for thousands of years.
While it is a safe process, you must know exactly which pressure points will be effective.
Know what ingredients you are putting on your face and then make the switch to all natural to ensure the products you choose are safe.

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