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Car Hire Guide for Bilbao Airport

Sitting nine kilometers from the city center, Bilbao Airport gives you access to the Basque Country in Spain.
It is in fact, the most significant airport in the province, serving more than 4 million passengers annually.
There are strong transportation links around here too, starting from the buses, the trains, and the taxis that can take you just about anywhere.
The airport bus BizkaiBus connects the airport with the Bilbao town center.
Its drop-off point is the Moyua Square and there's a bus traveling every thirty minutes.
The taxis can take you everywhere else.
On the other hand, the Lurraldebus travels regularly from the airport to Donostia-San Sebastian.
Soon, there'll be a railway to serve the area.
But as of now, you would get to the city center the best and the fastest way via a hired car.
Bilbao Airport has two international car hire providers that can help you reserve the car that you want in its grounds.
These two are Europcar and Avis.
Consult with them if you need to book a car.
Their online and on-site car hire facilities can help you fully during your stay at Bilbao.
The online partners of Avis and Europcar can process your request efficiently and in time.
As such, you'll have the vehicle ready for you when you arrive at the airport.
Booking online saves you time as you don't have to drop by the rental office to fill out forms.
You'll only go there to pick up the keys.
Your car is also parked at the airport grounds so you can drive it away.
You now have an exclusive mode of transportation to your hotel or to any of the destinations in Bilbao that you may want to visit first.
The grand museums and the historic buildings in Bilbao are its main attractions.
When you arrive here, go to Casco Viejo and the Calatrava Bridge and enjoy the medieval buildings all around.
Get to view the magnificent La Ribera Market, Plaza Nueva, and Teatro Arriaga.
As for the museums, be sure to visit the Fine Arts Museum and the Guggenheim Museum in the area.

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