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How to Install an HP Deskjet F4440

    • 1). Remove the HP Deskjet F4440 from the packaging. Place the device on a suitable surface, such as a computer desk or small workstation cart designed for printing equipment.

    • 2). Remove any packaging tape and cardboard from the F4440's exterior. Remove the protective cardboard insert from behind the front access door. Close the access door and swing out the front paper tray holder.

    • 3). Load the front paper tray with white A4 size paper. Adjust the tray sliders to accommodate the paper. Lower the front access door and remove the supplied ink cartridges from the packaging. Remove the protective tape covering the cartridge heads.

    • 4). Connect the AC adapter to the corresponding port located at the rear of the device. Plug in the other end of the AC adapter to a nearby wall outlet. Press the large round power button, located on the top portion of the control panel.

    • 5). Insert the color ink cartridge into the left-most ink cartridge holder, visible from the front of the device. You must insert the cartridge with the metal contacts oriented toward the front and facing down.

    • 6). Insert the black ink cartridge into the remaining holder.

    • 7). Close the access door and allow the device to print a test page. Remove the test page and lift the scanner bed. Place the test page facedown onto the glass portion of the scanner. Position the top left corner of the test page to line up correctly with the lower right edges of the scanner glass.

    • 8). Close the scanner bed carefully and press the "Scan" function button. Remove the test page from the scanner when the power button starts blinking. The scanning task will allow the device to properly align and configure the print heads for the ink cartridges.

    • 9). Insert the supplied installation CD into your computer's CD/DVD drive. Allow the installation program to load.

    • 10

      Follow the installation prompts to properly install the required device drivers and productivity software. Connect the USB cable from the rear of the device to an available USB port on the computer when prompted by the installation program.

    • 11

      Restart the computer, if required.

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