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Attention - Government Representative (Federal-State-Local) - How Do We Fix The Economy?

The Federal Government should be required by the U.
Supreme Court to orchestrate the repair and the relocation of all the housing consumers both owners and renters, who lost their housing units to bank foreclosures caused by fraudulent mortgage financing and other kinds of real estate investment abuse.
The Government has not protected the welfare of the general public.
They seem to have kept their heads buried in the sands of special privileges to the distraction of the U.
peoples welfare.
The Government Officials should be required to provide 100% quality management administration of all the new programs and services, which should include development of the previously mentioned Dept.
out in the communities throughout the country.
Every previous homeowner and tenant should be given the opportunity to gain new employment skills, to be eventually employed in renovating homes that are bank owned foreclosures.
The new skills and employment could be continued through new affiliations with other non-profit housing agencies.
The Fed.
will provide affordable healthcare and childcare for all participants in the program.
Both present and previous Gov.
should be required to deelop and to manage these programs through administrating and managing new hires to carry out the day to day responsibility.
Maybe the career Gov.
employees could carryout their bosses responsibility for the next one or two years.
This proposal would be coming down from the Supreme Court and therefore would go into law, with the proper review and auditing requirements.
Those officials who don't complete the court orders should be placed into general labor until the National Project is totally completed.
Maybe if the Gov.
had to make this kind of sacrifice in restitution, there might be fewer examples of the Nation Wide Mortgage and Real Estate Fraud that has destroyed the U.
There may not be comparable charges, conviction and punishment handed down and carried out by a Goverments' Supreme Court before, hopefully no other Government has been so ill responsible in protecting the basic needs of it's citizens as the U.
These fraudulent scans must be Stopped in Its' Tracks, Now and ForeverAmen!

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