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Go on an adventure this year, go on a safari holiday

A safari holiday is surly one of the most incredible holiday experiences that you could ever wish to experience in your lifetime. Today safari holidays can be appreciated and enjoyed in several different ways. Because of the growing popularity of safari holidays to Africa and the rise in travel operators, the traveller is now presented with an endless choice of how to experience and view the African wildlife.  Intrepid adventurers now have the choice of a walking safari, driving, sailing and cruising and you can also view wildlife from a bird's eye view in a hot air balloon, or up close on a horse back safari.  

The term safari holiday is synonymous with Africa, with the most popular safari destinations being Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. There are several other incredible safari destinations on offer for travellers including Malawi, Zambia, Uganda and Botswana which all provide their own unique safari experiences.

There is another reason why Africa is synonymous with safari holidays; Africa is home to hundreds of national parks and game reserves which all contain an unrivalled numbers of mammals, bird, insects and other wildlife. Africa boasts the world's largest array and variety of land animals including buffalo, leopards, elephants, lions and rhinos which comprises the big five, which is known as the big five because of their size and difficulty to capture whilst being hunted.

Whilst Africa is he most famous safari holiday destination there are of course other safari destinations around the world such as Costa Rica, China, India and many more.

With the rise in popularity of safari holidays to Africa, more and more travel companies are giving their customers the opportunity to completely customise their itinerary, enabling them to combine other types of holidays with their safari holiday such as a beach holiday or a luxury cruise or rail journey.  One of the main pull factors of creating your own itinerary to Africa is that they can be done at any time of the year as the temperatures and climate is excellent all year round, including the neighbouring destinations such as the Seychelles, Mauritius and the Maldives which are often added to the safari holiday for a luxurious retreat after the safari.

A dilemma which therefore often presents itself when you're planning your safari, is where to go? With so much choice of holiday packages, tailor made holidays and the extensive choice of destinations, it can seem a rather daunting task for most people.

Some advice would be to ask yourself what you wish to see and when you would like to go, Africa does have excellent temperatures all year round, but if you don't wish to go when it's too warm but have a month in mind, this can help to eliminate a few destinations for you. Another way to help speed up finding the right safari holiday is to see which type of safari you wish to go on, for example should you wish to go on a balloon safari this would mean choosing between just three locations, Botswana, Kenya and Tanzania.

A safari holiday is an incredible experience and offer traveller's total escapism from modern life and the stresses and strains of a busy, working life.

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