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How To Remove Graffiti With A Pressure Washer

There is no alternative to cleaning up graffiti than a pressure washer and these superior cleaning machines can aid volunteer groups, councils and private companies to effectively and efficiently remove these blots on the landscape. Fortunately, there are a number of types of pressure washers on the market that can help to reduce the stain that this artwork has on its surroundings. The following post details some of the methods that can be utilised to clean up these wanton eye-sores.

In order to effectively remove graffiti, one must first consider the pressure rating. Using the force of the water alone without additional graffiti removal chemicals helps to reduce the chance of damaging the surface. It is recommended that a low PSI is used, particularly on masonry and brick, as higher PSI actually embeds the graffiti deeper into the surface, causing permanent staining.

Using hot water is by far the most effective temperature for removing graffiti. This is especially noticeable on metal surfaces, as the hot water helps expand the metal which then breaks the bond of the graffiti source. Pressure washers with attached nozzles are also particularly important. Fan-type nozzles are generally more suitable for graffiti removal.

For more stubborn stains, pressure washing equipment can be used in conjunction with chemical solutions for an even deeper clean. Most of the time, the high levels of pressure that are emitted from the machine, are enough to complete the job, but in the case that the further use of chemicals is needed, carefully read the labels and identify which specific solutions are needed, particularly when removing graffiti from aluminium, cement, and wood surfaces.

While it may be instinctive to try and remove the graffiti as quickly as possible, users are urged to clean a small test area from the surface to be cleaned first to determine what technique of pressure washing will supply the best results. You dont want to use too much pressure and damage the underlying surfaces, causing discolouration and streaking, and on the same note, you dont want too little pressure, which wont get the job done.

Pressure washers are by far the most effective way to remove graffiti but dont forget that youre trying to clean up a mess, not trying to cause more damage. Accordingly, users should try to exercise the discussed precautions, which can ensure that further damage to the property is avoided. Users should of course familiarise themselves with the power of the pressure washer and try to keep the water pressure less than 500 PSI for delicate surfaces.

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