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Facts about burglary in America

For every ten seconds there is at least one burglary in some part of America. Statistics show that each year more than 6 million homes are being robbed of its property. It is to be highlighted that around 2.5 million burglaries take place without application of any kind of force. In other words the criminals do not use any kind of tools to break open the doors since half of the houses are kept unlocked in their doors or windows. It is due to sheer negligence and carelessness that tempts the thief to vandalize your house and its belongings. It is enough if you invest few dollars in buying home security system Houston to prevent your home being attacked and robbed anytime by strangers.

Now more and more people are becoming aware of use of Houston alarm system which is the only way to safeguard their houses while they are at work. You should not expect any stranger sitting in the front room when you are back from office. A perfect alarm system can safeguard your house apart from your personal care to lock the doors and windows each time before you leave. Have contacts with your neighbors so that they can alert you in case if they suspect any strange movements inside your house.

Take precautions in protecting the home from various aspects. Ensure that your house is protected with home security system Houston so that you can be tension free when you are moving around. Keep the exterior of the house well-lighted to track any strange movements at night easily. Find out from the local law agency whether they have issued any order regarding the installation of Houston alarm system in your home. You should not give even the least chance for the housebreaker to enter the home. Think from the prospective of the robber and check out if there is any loophole in your protection system.

All the above facts of robbery indicate that robbers have become smart in using various methods of breaking the house and entering it. In case he does not have any need to break open the home security system Houston then what are the different ways by which he can gain access into your house. It is a fact that a thief who has decided to burglarize the house will not spend more than a minute to enter the house. The most probable entrance mode will be either through garage door or sliding doors which is kept unlocked. Keep the garage doors locked whenever you take out your car. Use automatic locking system for operating garage. Another interesting fact about burglary is it occurs during daytime rather than night. Figures tell us that more than 60% of residential robberies happened during daytime. A proper Houston alarm system is enough to prevent burglary happening in your house.

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