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Surgery should be a last resort to hemorrhoid treatment.
In fact you should try to use natural treatment to develop your own hemorrhoids cure.
The general consensus is that the most prevalent cause for hemorrhoids is constipation.
Straining during bowel movements causes shearing and prolapse of the internal cushion tissues in the rectum.
Perhaps the second most probable cause , especially in women is pregnancy.
Perhaps this results from pressure from the fetus and passing bowel movements through and already restricted area or just pressure and inhibited blood flow to the rectal area.
How can you prevent the disorder and be the instigator of your own hemorrhoids cure? Set up a regimen that will produce regular soft bowel movements The number one fix is taking control of your diet.
Eat a diet consisting of lots of fruit and vegetables.
These are rich in fiber as well as vitamins that promote good circulation.
You should shoot for at least four servings per day.
Eat other foods that are rich in fiber such as berries, rye, broccoli, beans, apples, spinach, greens, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, brussel sprouts, bran cereals, oats, and avocados.
An added side benefit to a high fiber diet is weight loss.
Avoid foods containing white flour.
The number two fix is regular exercise.
Remember that every part of your body functions best with good blood circulation.
Good blood circulation to the rectal tissues insures the maximum health of the area.
This is especially important if your day to day activities or work involve a lot of sitting.
Walking is the best exercise for blood circulation.
Walk with full strides.
The walking action massages the area around your colon and promotes softer bowel movements.
It also increases the blood flow to the tissues and strengthens them.
You can apply topical oils or grease medications to the rectal area to soothe and prevent rubbing irritation during exercise.
Apply liquid lethicin to the hemorrhoids daily.

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