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The Best Two Point Sling

Sights, grips, levers, charging handles and rails can all make your weapon more efficient, but despite all the toys and gadgets, without cohesion between your weapon and yourself, you are not improving your effectiveness. A sling that correctly adapts to your every move-pressure, torque, leverage-allows for maximum control and manipulation of your weapon, therefore increases your firing accuracy.

Ease and swiftness in adjustability, non-interference with neither primary nor secondary weapon manipulation, added stability to shooting position, and the ability to quickly transfer to a hands-free carry are all elements of a quality, reliable sling. With the vast array of slings available on the market, it can be difficult to decide which best suits you and your weapon.

After being an instructor at Military Operations in Urban Terrain in the United States Marine Corps for three years and experiencing three combat deployments to Iraq and two to Afghanistan, there is only one foreseeable option when it comes to slings-the Huskey Amentum Slider two point sling by Ares Armor.

When choosing the ideal type of sling for you, a properly designed two point sling is the perfect middle ground between a loosely-suspended one-point sling and a stabilizing three-point sling. A two point sling that allows your rifle to be slung when not in use, yet still quickly accessible is ideal for operators who have additional hands-on responsibilities in their team such as an EOD tech, Engineer, or Medic. A two point sling that provides maximum tension and leverage, while still allowing for quick escape from the system is perfect for dynamic combat situations. The Huskey Amentum Slider two-point sling offers its user all of these features in addition to being durable and comfortable.

Many two- and three- point slings can be difficult to slide when pressure is applied to the movement piece as most have only a single-point of attachment. This two-point sling has a custom-manufactured slider that features a loop-pull design that attaches at either end of the slider providing a smooth sliding motion that will still prove unyielding to slippage once tension is applied. In addition, this two point sling increases ease by eliminating the pigtail often found on other two point slings. Removing this gives a safer more effective environment for the shooter to operate within. When ensuring the safety of your life and the lives of those around you, reliability and utmost effectiveness are vital-and the Huskey Amentum Slider two point sling provides both.

Any piece of equipment that is going to improve you and your weapon's capabilities in combat is priceless. It can be assured that you will be satisfied with this two point sling.

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All materials used in each item are made in the USA-ensuring their quality. And, as with all of the products produced exclusively by Ares Armor-the lifetime guarantee provides peace-of-mind.

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