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At Home Treatment for Herpes

There are a variety of ways that you can eliminate or at least reduce the pain and suffering caused by herpes, right in your own home, without prescription drugs.
Home treatment for herpes is best used after the first year of infection, since this is when you will experience the most pain, but these treatments can really be used anytime and in combination with other methods.
Home treatment of herpes usually involves things that you already have kicking around the house.
Ordinary cooking ingredients can be used to help stop herpes outbreaks and also to keep the pain and discomfort under control.
The best part is that these remedies don't cost much at all, certainly not the high prices of prescription herpes drugs.
To help stop a herpes outbreak from occurring, you can use a fresh slice of lemon.
This is only recommended at the first onset of symptoms, not after the sores have formed, since the acid in the lemon will cause more pain.
Instead, use it before the blisters appear, to help control and reduce the herpes outbreak and possibly even prevent it completely.
If you are in a lot of pain during an outbreak, another home treatment for herpes is yogurt.
You may have heard of using yogurt to treat yeast infection .
well, it also provides soothing relief for herpes! Take icy cold plain yogurt and smooth it on the infected area for instant herpes relief.
This will be a bit messy, obviously, but the cooling relief is well worth it.
You will need to change the dressing often.
Consider adding a little honey to the yogurt as well, since this has antiseptic properties and can help heal the sores faster.
Ice works well to numb the area as well.
Keep a re-freezable ice pack handy in your freezer, two if you can.
Then apply the ice pack to the affected area for a great home treatment for herpes pain.
This will chill the outbreak area fast and ease the pain.
Home treatment of herpes is preferred by many sufferers because it is considerably cheaper than the prescription herpes meds and it is also faster.
You can find instant relief in the middle of the night when no store is open and you are out of topical cream! For this reason, home treatment of herpes has become very popular in recent years, as outbreaks become more and more frequent.

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