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Is an Anti Snoring Ring the Cure to Snoring?

If you are a snorer and are trying to find a solution to stop snoring, the massive amount of anti-snoring techniques and devices on the market probably has you in a dizzy.
To give you a helping hand, here is the "low down" on one such popular anti snoring device.
One of the anti snoring products you will hear about all over is an anti snoring ring or a stop snoring ring.
These rings are one of the more speculated devices on the market, and you maybe wondering, can an anti snoring ring really be the cure to snoring? Let's take a look at what the stop snoring ring is.
What is an anti snoring ring? A stop-snoring ring is a small ring worn around the finger that operates on the premise of acupressure.
Acupressure is an ancient Chinese method to cure various ailments by putting on pressure on specific places in the body.
An anti snore ring has one or two bumps that place this kind of pressure on your finger.
This can be worn on either hand, or both.
Do anti snore rings work? The feedback on anti snore rings is very hit or miss.
While some people claim it is the cure to snoring for them, a massive number of other people report that the rings have not had any effect.
In the few cases of claimed curing, it is believed that a lot of the "success" may be attributed to a placebo effect.
A placebo effect means that because the user is expecting results, their mind may imagine results where there are none.
Conclusion While there is some word of stop snoring rings being effective, the majority of feedback says contrary, and much of the positive feedback may not be based in actual fact, but rather based in the placebo effect.
My personal opinion is that you are better off trying snoring exercises, or looking into a mouthpiece or throat spray as a potential cure to snoring.

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