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Sicily Tours - An Ultimate Holiday Location

You can't ignore Sicily if you are traveling to European country.
Sicily is a exotic place situated in Italy; Sicily is also famous for weather and great Sicilian food.
Its pleasant climate and scenic beauty make it a perfect vacation & travel photography destination.
Sicily is an exotic island, in west of the southern end of the Italian peninsula, in the Mediterranean Sea.
Sicily covers the largest surface area with 25,708 sq.
km and currently has five million inhabitants.
It is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, though several much smaller islands surrounding it are also considered part of Sicily.
Italy is divided into 20 regions, each of them having a specific landscape and offering various tourist attractions.
When you travel in Italy, you should spend some time visiting all these magnificent regions, as they offer a wide range of distinctive, important tourist sites.
The Greek and the roman influence on the city can be seen by the architecture that is seen around the city.
However the impact of mafia on the island is too much and large part of the land is still under its influence.
The city also has the honor of perpetrating the mafia concept.
Sicily is considered to be highly rich in its own unique culture, especially with regard to the arts, cuisine, architecture and even language.
Economy of Sicily is basically based on Agriculture.
The tourism advantages just an added feature.
The reason for this is that it is essentially a culturally charged city.
The Mediterranean influence on the place can be felt by the cuisine that is served in its richly decorated restaurants.
Sicilian (Italian) Foods & Wines surely are one of the top reasons to visit Sicily.
You find a very wide rage of local and Italian foods & drinks in Sicily.
Every city and town in Sicily has its own dishes as well as the more popular Italian foods.
You can enjoy various local specialties in Sicily.
You can also enjoy some of the finest Italian wines in Sicily.
The south coast of the Sicily is formed by sand beaches.
In the south side there is a little treasure: The Island of Currents.
This island is a small rock island.
It's the latest part of Europe in the south.
All the cities on Sicily are not very big.
Palermo, the biggest one, has the population of 652 000.
The typical Sicilian city is more like village with small houses.
The best of Sicily is its nature.
You can never forget the beautiful landscapes of hills, vineyards, almond orchards, olive groves, and endless wheat fields.
Sicily is an island and thus is surrounded by the sea so blue that it seems unreal.
This island, separated from the other parts of Italy has its special magic and is the perfect place for rest.

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