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How to Solve Allergic Reactions to Wedding Bands

From time to time people will get allergic reactions to their wedding bands.
The skin underneath the band may become red, bumpy, and itchy.
This may happen the day after you first wear it, or three years down the road.
Why does this happen to some people and what causes these reactions? As we grow our body chemistry changes, and as such, we can become allergic to certain metals.
Certain rings are also often plated with gold, rhodium, or silver, which can wear down exposing metals underneath which we are allergic to when they surface.
Very rarely are we allergic to the metal which the ring is based on, such as gold, but rather to the trace metals used to strengthen it such as copper and nickel.
Often times our skin is irritated because it does not receive any air being under the ring 24/7/365.
How do we solve these problems and prevent future allergic reactions when buying jewelry? There are a few options we can turn to for those with this problem.
#1 - Remove your wedding band and carefully wash your hands, in particular between your fingers.
Then wash your ring with water to get off all the lotion, soap, sweat and other nasty stuff off it that gets trapped in there.
Keep your ring off for a few days until your skin clears up.
Do your best not to itch your finger, and if you can't resist buy some hydro cortisone creme for relief.
If this solves your problem try wearing the ring again, but take it off when you sleep so your skin can breathe.
#2 - If the above remedy fails to work, you're most likely allergic to one of the metals in the band.
If this is the case, do one of the following: a) Coat the inside of the ring with clear nail polish and allow to dry completely.
b) Visit a jeweler to have your ring plated.
c) Visit an allergist to find out which metal you're allergic to and buy a ring without that metal.
The safest metals to buy if you are often allergic to jewelry are ones that are pure and ones marked hypo-allergenic.
Titanium is almost always a safe bet and is used in many surgical instruments, but has a cheap feel and won't hold it's polish.
24K gold is also good but weak and easy to damage.
950 Platinum is the very best there is, and what we recommend at Wedding Rings Forever.

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