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Patient Care Representative Salary in North Carolina

    Training and Qualifications

    • While an associate degree is an acceptable educational qualification, O*NET shows that most patient care representatives possess a bachelor’s degree. Prior customer service experience and good communication skills are essential for success as a patient care representative. This is because of job duties that can involve explaining insurance or procedures to patients and their family members.

    National Average

    • Nationally, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an average salary of $32,780 for this occupation as of 2010. For representatives paid hourly, the hourly national average is $15.76. In examining wages by state, the highest wages are found in the District of Columbia, with an average salary of $39,800.

    Average in North Carolina

    • In North Carolina, patient care representatives earn a slightly lower salary on average than the state BLS national average. Workers make an average of $31,760 in this occupation in North Carolina. Hourly, the average in the state is $15.27.

    North Carolina Metropolitan Areas

    • Two metropolitan areas in North Carolina offer the highest concentration of jobs for qualified applicants. Salaries vary quite a bit between these two metro areas. The lowest paying is Rocky Mount, where the average salary is just $25,930. At the time of the BLS report, employment in this metro area is at 1,670. In the Greensboro-High Point metro area, wages are closer to the state average at $31,460 per year. Employment levels in this metro area are also considerably higher at 10,380.

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