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How to Be a Reseller for Lexmark

    • 1). Visit the Lexmark Partner website to obtain the online reseller application. The online application is titled "Lexmark Partner Application Form". Lexmark has several partner programs based on different requirements.

    • 2). Click on the link below under the "Reference" section to be taken directly to the application. The application is designed to provide Lexmark with information about your organization or business. All applications are submitted in confidentiality.

    • 3). Complete each section of the application. The application will ask for your contact details, including business name, applicant name, head office address and phone number. The company information section requires the year of company establishment and total revenue. Additional information on your company's objectives, strategy and structure is needed. The company's target market is also required to assist in placement of the best program.

    • 4). Click the "Submit" button after completing the application in full. The application will be submitted directly to the Lexmark Partner/Reseller division. You will receive email confirmation once the form has been submitted.

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