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Paint Away This Easter Time

Planning an Easter party and want to make it even more interesting and participative for the kids.
Include face painting and watch them use their creative imagination to the fullest.
However, caution must be exercised as paints contain harmful chemicals in traces, so its best to let the parents know that there will be face - painting at your party.
This way you get to know if the kids suffer from any allergies or skin rashes when their skin comes in contact with paint or paint removers or thinners.
It will save you a load of care.
When using paints on the skin it is best to stick with the water colors as acrylic colors are not meant to be used on the face since the skin is very delicate.
You must check the skin surface for any minor cuts or wounds or rashes because paints of all kinds will be harmful to use on such skins.
Water based paints can be easily removed with any cleansing milk, wet wipes or ordinary water and soap combination.
It is advisable to buy paints which are approved by FDA for cosmetics, as these are non - abrasive and do not harm the skin.
You must ensure that there are plenty of brushes and sponges as it makes it easy to work with and you do not have to clean too often.
And yes, you can not do this without water, so ensure you have a good supply along with tissues or towels, as kids are bound to get the water and paint all on themselves.
When you use color on the face, use only enough water to facilitate the spreading of color or else it will run.
If using a sponge, apply lesser amounts of water.
Since a sponge helps to color a large area, apply color as you would apply shoe polish, just enough to spread it evenly, all over the face.
When painting faces for children, its best to color the entire face with a base color and then give light lights with different colors, paint motifs, designs or add sparkles.
If you are painting a butterfly on the kid's face, then you could give a blue or yellow base color and then make the outline of a butterfly and highlight the feathers with different color brush strokes.
For a fairy party you could play with all the beautiful pastel shades and make anything from elves, gnomes and chocolate houses to toad - stools or mushrooms.
Hop across to your local painting store to get a book on face painting.
Try your hand at the designs and become a professional at face painting.
The designs for girls include chicks, butterflies, flowers, dolphins, hearts, lady bugs and stars etc.
For boys the designs are Easter bunnies, spiders, scars and moustaches.
You need not fret if you can not pint well, as there are rubber face stamps which are stuck on the face and then you can paint within.
So go ahead and paint those faces.

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