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How to Build a Hunting Tree Stand

    • 1). Check with your state and local authorities, as well as the hunting range about whether you can build a hunting tree stand as well as any regulations for building. You may also wish to inquire about any fees for using the tree to build on.

    • 2). Head out to where you usually go hunting. Take your time to find the tree you feel is in the best area to hunt. Ask what tree will give you the widest scope and would be the safest tree to build on.

    • 3). Use a table saw to cut pieces of wood for the ladder, seat and safety fence. The ladder will consist of two long pieces of wood measuring as high as you would like your tree stand to be. The rungs of the ladder should be at least 1 ½ to 2 feet long. Cut wood for somewhat of a floor. They should measure 1 ½ to 2 inches thick, 5 feet long and 6 to 12 inches wide. For the seat the wood should be the same thickness and width as the wood used for the floors, but only 3 feet long.

    • 4). Purchase a long chain that will fit all the way around the tree you choose. Also purchase some climbing rope and hooks to support the rope.

    • 5). Nail the ladder rungs to the ladder beams. Lay out two support beams for the floor. One by one attach the wood to be used as the floor. Build the seat as a bench.

    • 6). Take your finished work to the tree you chose. First attach the ladder using nails and the chain to hold it in place. Wrap the chain around the ladder and tree. Use the remaining two pieces of wood, 4 feet long each, as support beams for the floor. They should attach diagonally from the tree to the floor end that is furthest away from the tree. Attach the seat to the floor and secure it to the tree.

    • 7). Attach a climbing hook or two to the tree for the rope to hang off of. Add another one to yourself. Fasten the rope in a loop securely.

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