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There is a move called understanding and tolerance

  Marriage life, there is a move called love each other, there is a move called each other, there is a move called understanding and tolerance. Marriage is like driving a sail boat in the sea, sometimes calm, smooth sailing; sometimes storms, reefs, only inclusive paddle paddling sail hang understanding, to work together in order to reach for happiness.

  When a pair of lovers, with a vigorous and warm lingering love with a sweet vision of the future life, into the marriage will be found in the marriage life, reflect more dull. Very romantic love, but the marriage is very real, the end of another wonderful love always wake of a return to the reality of the daily necessities.

  If romantic love than for a romantic serenade, that marriage is the pots and pans Symphony of Destiny, playing the most down-to-earth movement, and write a warm melody of the ordinary but enchanting home. Love marriage will eventually slowly no longer frequent lifting each other is mutual waiting, mutual support, just hold love in marriage is not enough, but also hard to operate, to maintain.

  Marriage is not a human thing, marriage should be responsible for marriage. A punch line: "Marriage is not the only leader of the Alliance, but both sides believe that their own leadership." Imagine Strangers Meet the men and women in marriage, ups and downs for decades under the same roof, and they have each. When personality conflicts, often bring family friction, many families because of personality conflicts red light, then, need more mutual understanding and tolerance. Water love, marriage seems Cup when love precipitate, when the marriage of twists and turns, we gently shook his cup with understanding and tolerance to precipitate

  Marriage than for the car, love is light, but tolerant, patient, considerate oil. In a specific marriage life, when men fly into a rage when the woman's patience can defuse the war; resolve this entanglement when the woman so little patience, inclusive of men, even in the event of a fierce conflict, and it will be saved the day. The highest state of human love, through thick and thin in the family return to return to the shared responsibility of marriage, both the so-called "hold your hand, and the child with old".

  Inclusive fusogen marriage in the inclusive use excess became connivance like slow poison, sweet marriage gradually becomes painful cage. If inclusive like sugar in marriage, then the criticism and correction like salt in marriage, only the right amount of sugar and salt, the marriage will gusto.

  Married life people have learned many things from. Tolerance and understanding of each other, it is the most tender part of love. As a marriage human, we must learn to carefully read of their marriage to carefully examine their own marriage, then a full appreciation of the eyes, to see you through thick and thin, the other half. But also to learn a lightly fragrance pale tea products, learn the sweet smell of marriage in the process of bland taste.

  Marital happiness, in fact, is a kind of feeling, by marriage moved piled precious memories strung by the truth. Is not necessarily everyone can understand or be able to share. This touched and the memories will be treasured in the heart of the parties, as pollen exist an honeycomb, sweet someday will spawn. Marriage destined to have a lot of instant you touched silent in the days of those insipid from those old memories came out, sometimes even if only one moved, also can spawn life sweet.

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