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Troubleshooting a Home Furnace

    Visual Inspection

    • Determine if the pilot light is lit. Remove the metal panel at the front of your furnace and you can easily see if the pilot light (typically bluish in color) is on. If it is not, read your owner's manual to determine how to relight it. In some models, you will be asked to turn the gas on to a moderate level and light it with a match. In other cases, lighting the pilot light is done by engaging a button under the front panel for a 2 or 3 second period.

    Change the filter

    • If your furnace lights, but the heat is not adequate you need to inspect your filter. The furnace's filter should be changed every 30 days in the heating season for it to operate at peak efficiency. If you do not change the filter, your furnace will work harder in order to put out the heat required to reach the temperature on the thermostat. This will cost a consumer quite a bit of money over the course of a long winter.

    Check your Vents

    • You must allow the air to enter and exit your rooms unencumbered by blocked vents. Unsuspecting homeowners tend to forget about these vents and may block them unintentionally with furniture. Make sure all blockages are removed. Also, keep these vents clean and remove all dust and any other blockages.

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