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Home Remedies For Genital Warts

This article will help you understand natural home remedies for Genital Warts as well as transmission, appearance and prevention for future outbreaks.
Genital warts are more common then you many know, but that still doesn't help the feeling you may experience during occurrences.
They are spread through many different elements from sexual contact to simple contact with someone in your home.
First let's start with what genital warts are.
They are the result of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and may appear as red, grey, and pink or white cauliflower like raised bumps along the genital area.
Though in some cases they may be so small you might not see without heavy inspection of the infected area.
Someone infected with Genital Warts may experience burning, itching and a heavier discharge then normal.
Intercourse can be painful and result in bleeding due to tearing of the infected area.
Intercourse is the leading known transmission of Genital Warts but can also be passed to members of your household by indirectly using the same towel and wearing the same clothes with out washing them.
Genital warts are very contagious and it is recommended you never share nor touch anything which may come in contact with the infected area.
In rare cases genital warts have been known to be passed to infants through child birth by an affected mother.
It is advised that if you are pregnant to let your doctor know beforehand in order take certain precautions before birth takes place.
In some cases Genital Warts have been know to simply disappear on their own.
But waiting for this to occur may take longer then you are willing to wait.
Ultimately, it is advisable to treat the affected area as soon as possible due to risking transmission to others along with the risk of developing cancer.
The first step in treatment is a two step process, diet and location.
A proper diet will help boost you immune system to not only hasten the removal process but help prevent future outbreaks.
Diets rich in Folic Acid and Beta-Carotene are essential in boosting and maintaining a healthy immune system.
Elderberry extract is one of the most noted for high amounts of Folic Acid and Beta-Carotene and can be found at most natural food stores.
Or after a recommendation from a homeopathic doctor, Thuja and or Nitricum acidum is just as effective.
Avoiding cigarettes and oral contraceptives also helps in the elevation of your immune system through out the process.
Step two is to locate each infected spot which can sometimes prove difficult.
You can do so easily with the use of Apple cider vinegar and it is not harmful to use on the entire genital area within a 12-24 hour period; though it is not recommended to do so for longer then 24 hours.
First you must clear the area by washing and carefully removing any hair in order to see the infected area clearly.
If you are using a razor, it is highly advised to use extreme caution in order not to shave off a Genital Wart and cause heavy bleeding.
It is also advised that the razor used is immediately disposed of where as no other household member or yourself ever come in contact again.
After the removal of hair visually inspect the area to determine the location of all warts.
As said before, you may not always see them and to ensure you find all you can soak a washcloth or paper towels with apple cider vinegar, apply to the entire area and secure with medical tape for 8-12 hours.
This process is recommended at night before you go to bed and when you wake up carefully remove and inspect the following day.
The Genital warts will then appear as hardened white spots or bumps.
Larger ones might even appear slightly crusty.
At this point you begin treatment and it is recommended to do so every day around the same time or times.
Your main ingredients will be anything acidic such as the apple cider vinegar used to find locations.
Though anything acidic can be used such as lemon, lime and pineapple juice (anything high in vitamin c), along with aspirin.
First clean and dry the infected area completely.
You then use crushed aspirin in combination to form a homemade paste like concoction of salicylic acid and apply to the infected areas.
Allow the paste to dry completely and then cover with medical tape for at least 8-12 hours.
It is important to contain the homemade salicylic acid to ensure you do not infect uninfected areas.
This may bring even more pain and discomfort then you are already faced with.
Continue this process every night and within a few days (or less) you will begin to notice a difference in their appearance.
They will first begin to appear harder, crustier and may start to change in color.
Eventually they will start to take on a blackish appearance and if you continue this process will eventually fall off on their own.
Do not pick at them or attempt to peal them off.
This could cause a case of heavy bleeding and or infection and may even lead to spreading the Genital Warts even more.
Intercourse and or Masturbation should not take place until all Genital warts are gone.
Most importantly, after you have successfully completed this process, remember just because they are gone does not mean that you are free and cured of Genital Warts (HPV virus).
Ultimately, the best Home Remedy for Genital Warts is to practice safe sex whether or not you have been diagnosed with the HPV virus by using condoms or abstinence.

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