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How to Replace the Backlight on the Acer Aspire 5610Z

    • 1). Shut down your Acer Aspire laptop. Disconnect all cables and devices. Remove the battery pack from its compartment on the bottom side of the laptop.

    • 2). Pull the display panel open as far as you can. Use a small flathead screwdriver to remove the rubber screw covers from the display panel's front cover. Remove the Phillips head screws from the front cover. Remove the front cover from the display panel assembly to reveal the LCD screen.

    • 3). Remove the Phillips head screws from each side of the LCD screen. Grasp the top edge of the screen and tilt it forward. Avoid touching the screen's surface so you don't leave grease marks or fingerprints on it. Disconnect all cables from the connectors on the back of the screen. Peel away any tape securing the cables in place on the back side of the screen.

    • 4). Lift the LCD screen out of the display panel assembly. Locate the inverter board on the bottom edge of the screen's back side. Disconnect the two cables from either side of the inverter board. The inverter board is a small circuit board that gives power to the screen. Remove any material that secures the inverter board in place. This could be screws or adhesive tape. Remove the inverter from the screen.

    • 5). Open up the LCD screen. Depending on the type of screen, the front and back panels will have to be pried apart with a small flathead screwdriver. Some LCD screens are only held together by a few Phillips head screws. Separate the front and back panels from one another.

    • 6). Locate the backlight lamp inside the screen. Remove or peel away any metal housing or foil tape concealing the backlight lamp. Lift the backlight out of the LCD screen assembly. Use a soldering iron to unsolder the wire connectors from each end of the backlight. Throw away the bulb once the wire connectors are removed.

    • 7). Reverse this procedure to install the new backlight lamp. You will have to re-solder the wire connectors to each end of the new backlight lamp before closing up the LCD screen and reassembling the display panel.

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