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Property Rights & Video Surveillance


    • The overriding concern of property owners is to protect and defend their families, homes, businesses and property from trespassing, theft and personal assault. To that end, video surveillance and recording has become a popular deterrent.

    Rights of Private Individuals

    • The general rule of thumb for property owners is to avoid placing a video surveillance camera where it can observe and record a private individual if the location is one in which that individual has a reasonable expectation of privacy. These locations include places like bedrooms, bathrooms, private offices and locker rooms.


    • Hidden digital spycams have been used to steal corporate intellectual property such as confidential documents, customer lists and marketing plans, resulting in the loss of millions of dollars in sales. This is the little-discussed dark side of video surveillance, and it is almost impossible to prevent. The best tactic is to properly educate employees about how these devices are used so they can better defended against them.

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