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How to Waterproof Cobblestone Walls

    • 1). Purchase a multicoat waterproofing clearcoat from a local hardware or paint store. A multicoat waterproofer provides the best bonding characteristics and is also very flexible, like latex.

    • 2). Pour the multicoat solution into a paint tray. Dip in your paint brush, making sure not to saturate the brush too much (this will cause the solution to drip down the wall as it is being applied).

    • 3). Apply the multicoat in smooth, broad strokes to the wall. Work slowly to ensure that the entire surface is covered and that there are no small patches that are missed. Make sure to work the multicoat into all the crevices in the cobblestone. Even a small missed patch can result in water damage to the wall.

    • 4). Continue until the entire wall has been covered. Wait 24 hours for the multicoat waterproofing to dry. If there is rain in the forecast, cover the wall with a tarp to prevent water from hitting it while it is still drying. One coat is sufficient to protect the cobblestone.

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