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How To Protect Yourself From Date Rape Drugs - Advice For Teens

The use of date rape drugs has increased significantly over the last ten years but you can take some simple steps to keep yourself safe.
Don't leave your drink unattended.
Slipping date rate drugs into a drink is the preferred method of administering it so, If you're out with friends having a drink it's important that you don't leave your drink unattended if you go to the bathroom or move to chat with other friends.
If you have to leave it then ensure that someone you completely trust, like your best friend looks after it.
If you realise that it has been left unattended don't drink it buy another! Safety in numbers If you go out for the evening try not to go alone, go with a group of friends as there is more safety in numbers.
People who are willing to use date rape drugs often look for people on their own as there is no one to watch out for them.
If there is a group of friends this will reduce your chances of being at risk.
Recognise the signs Most of the date rape drugs available have similar effects such as loss of co-ordination (it will seem as though the person is drunk), inability to speak properly, dizziness and a headache.
If while you are out with friends, you experience any of these symptoms, especially when you haven't been drinking alcohol, you should seek assistance from those you are with or a staff member at the venue.
Better still discuss these effects with your friends so that they are all aware of the warning signs, that way you can all look out for each other.
Avoid Chatting to older men Whilst it can make you feel really special when an older male takes an interest in you, ask yourself this question, why are they so interested in someone younger? Most older men who start chatting up young females want only one thing, sex.
It is often older men who are likely to spike your drink so be wary of males chatting you up who are more than a year or two older than you.
Does your drink taste odd? If you have remained with your drink but notice that it tastes different or odd then stop drinking it! It could be that someone has still slipped a drug into it.

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