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Ways School and Communities Can Help With Delinquency

    Community Centers

    • By providing a community center in the neighborhood, the community gives at-risk youth a place to participate in wholesome activities, such as athletics and board games, as well as tutoring services for those struggling with their school work. These centers keep kids off the streets and can be a great place for young people to meet adult volunteers who can offer excellent examples of a fulfilled life.


    • When teachers and adult supervisors instill a strong sense of accountability in at-risk youth, young people have a better chance of staying away from delinquency. By setting a system of punishment and rewards, students will be more motivated to improve standards in their individual lives. Accountability can be presented by a teacher, school counselor, parent, or mentor whom the teen can trust.

    Volunteer Programs

    • Encourage area at-risk students to become volunteers themselves. In Oswego County, New York, at-risk youngsters volunteer in the area community as well as participate in special prevention meetings to keep them accountable. Volunteer programs help students learn to become valuable members of society by giving back to their communities. Oswego County implements this program with a stipulation that students must attend school regularly.

    Family Support

    • Teachers and school administrators should encourage parents to become active in their child's life. Schools and communities can educate parents through special classes, teaching them how to communicate with their children and provide a support system in their lives. Close communication should be kept with parents about the progress their children are making as well about ways in which they can help their child improve school performance and behavior.

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