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The Beauty of MicroLaserPeel

In today's fast-paced world, many active people would love to incorporate laser treatments into their anti-aging regimen but cannot afford the downtime.  Subsequently, they seek out less-effective techniques and pricey creams with minimal results.

Fortunately, with the ongoing advances in skin rejuvenation, there's an innovative way to realize younger-looking skin without the need to stay cooped up for long periods.

What is it?  MicroLaserPeel.  This treatment is performed with only a topical numbing agent, so there's no need for needles.  A bonus?  Many skin colors and types are appropriate for the procedure.  And, MicroLaserPeel has the ability to address the full epidermis (outer skin layer), so it's more effective than a microdermabrasion session.

What can it do?  Let's look at some of the benefits.

1)      Each treatment is customized to the needs of the client.  Hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and even acne scars soften in only one visit.

2)      Skin texture and elasticity becomes discernibly enhanced.

3)      A younger, more youthful appearance is apparent.

4)      Treatments are safe and minimally uncomfortable.

5)      Fewer side effects occur with this kind of laser.  Swelling and/or bruising may take place but should subside within a few days.

6)      Healing typically takes between two to four days.  Other lasers, such as the CO2, take much longer (although the results are more profound).

7)      People who have a MicroLaserPeel treatment at the end of the workweek can usually return to their jobs by the following Monday or Tuesday.

8)      In addition to the face, this procedure can be used on other body areas such as the chest, neck, and hands.

What will you look like after the treatment?  It will appear as if you spent too much time in the hot Bermuda sun: significant redness will be present.  In the next day or two, you should experience minor peeling.  By day three or four, any residual redness should be cover-able with makeup.

How long will the benefits last?  Each situation is different; it depends on the degree of skin damage.  Some people realize impressive results with only one treatment, and others could use more than one.  Nonetheless, a single procedure can last between six to twelve months (and sometimes beyond).

The MicroLaserPeel is the wave of the resurfacing future.  Yes, the carbon dioxide laser is effective in addressing significant skin damage, but substantial downtime and pain accompany the gains.  The MicroLaserPeel produces impressive results without long hibernation periods.  So, give our office a call to get started with the best micro laser peel specialist  in Mississippi and realize a younger-looking you!

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