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Narcoleptic Dogs - How to Identify the Indicators and Symptoms

Does your dog snooze at the most inconvenient situations? Your pet dog is perhaps struggling with Narcolepsy. Narcoleptic dogs [] also go through the same exact devastating signs and symptoms that impair narcoleptic men and women. Narcolepsy is a sleep disorder that causes day sleepiness and sudden sleep attacks. While regular napping is usual in pet dogs, narcolepsy makes your pet dog sleep way too much. Listed below are the signs and symptoms common to narcoleptic dogs;

Sudden Sleep Attacks

Narcoleptic dogs manifest uncontrolled attacks of sleep without notice. It normally occurs for a few seconds to minutes only, but lengthier attacks may possibly take place. They could have sleep episodes even if they are in the midst of an activity. It could actually take place when they are eating, running or playing. They will unexpectedly fall to the ground and sleep deeply, however, they will stand up seconds later and continue on with their activity as though nothing at all took place.

REM sleep manifestations

Dogs ordinarily snooze by laying on the side throughout sleep attacks. They could likewise lie on their stomach. A movement or twitching of the eye and other muscles might moreover occur. These are generally usual symptoms of REM sleep.


Cataplexy triggers a dog to experience loss of muscle tone in their body. They'll experience a weakening of the legs. Their face muscles may perhaps also go slack, their neck muscles will shake and their head will drop. It typically last for a short period of time only. They'll instantly be awakened by stroking, calling, loud noises or other external stimuli.

Cataplexy episodes are mainly brought on by sudden strong emotions. It ordinarily happens when a dog gets excited for instance when it sees food, or when it is playing around along with other dogs. The regularity of the cataplexy attacks depend on the severity of the ailment. Some dogs encounter the attacks only once or twice daily, but other people may possibly have it much more often. Their eyes could also remain open and move around the surrounding, though they cannot move. If and when they make an effort to get up, they'll only fall down again till the cataplexy attack has passed.

Helping man's best friend

If your pet dog is manifesting the implications stated previously, talk to a veterinarian right away. You will find quite a few methods to support your pet dog handle the narcolepsy indicators. Do something to make certain your dog's well-being. The narcolepsy problem is not fatal in itself, nonetheless it might be very dangerous if the episodes take place during inconvenient instances. Keep narcoleptic dogs relatively calm as much as possible to keep conscious and alert. Food ordinarily excites dogs so a method you can try to do is to continuously rub your dog while eating to keep him calm

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