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Voice Broadcasting the Solution to Cold Calling & Expensive Google AdWords for Small Business

What is Voice Broadcasting? Well it's pretty simple, voice broadcasting is a type of outbound dialing system, that is typically web-based.
Up until now the typical cost was .
12 cents per minute to use.
Those kind of price points didn't allow these kind of tools to be used by small or home business owner's.
Pricing for voice broadcasting platforms has now dropped 2 cents per call.
Most of us are familiar with the messages we get from Disney, Dish Network, Morgan Stanley and other Fortune 500 companies that use this method to generate new sales.
Voice broadcasting is traditionally associated with telemarketing and lead generation for the direct sales or mlm industry.
Voice broadcasting is a computerized message delivery service that plays your pre-recorded message on your customer's or potential new customers answering machine, voice mail service, or even to a "live" person -- depending on the voice broadcasting company or system you subscribe to the customer picks from a plug and play menu.
The voice and messaging on the broadcast message sounds so incredibly real and unscripted, people believe you actually took the time to call them personally.
The reason voice broadcasting is so cost-effective, is that you pay only for successfully left messages(you know what it works or companies like AT&T and Disney wouldn't keep doing it).
Depending on your needs, most voice broadcasting or lead generation platforms can be programmed to automatically search out answering machines and voice mail boxes ONLY, or "live" people ONLY...
or even a combination of BOTH.
You target your own selected database .
Some platforms come with the up to 15 million leads already included in the system or free B2B leads, leaving a powerful personalized message from you, your company, or non-profit organization and the ability to reach 10,000 people in 30min or less with 1 click of a button.
Voice Broadcasting systems enables users to send thousands of pre-recorded voice messages to a pre-selected group of recipients within the space of a few minutes for .
02 cents for a 30 second message.
Check out the competitors because most stop there, but some automated recruiting system does much more than simple outbound dialing.
Protus, VoiceShot and IbuzzPros are 3 of the most popular systems, compare and contrast cause not all systems are alike.
A comprehensive Voice Broadcasting system is perfect for a wide range of lead generation solutions.
For example, our menu of Voice Broadcasting services inincludes "touch one" connectivity, which gives call recipients the option to touch a button on their phone to be connected directly to our users and transfer to our clients' sales staff.
What does that mean it means exclusive real-time leads calling you at your desk.
No more cold calling, no more dialing for dollars, no more over-priced leads that have been sold 5 times.
However, our Voice Broadcasting service is not just for lead generation and telemarketing! It is also perfect for customer service, customer care, and collections.
We have politicians, restaurants, wine merchants and puppy brokers are using are automated system.
It is also tailor-made for information dispersal (emergencies, public service announcements, etc.
) Click here to learn more about our Voice Broadcasting services.

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