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Persuader by Lee Child

"Persuader" is the third Jack Reacher novel I've read by Lee Child.
After reading "One Shot" and "The Hard Way," I went backwards a bit and read this earlier book.
I really liked the bad guys in this novel, especially the behemoth Paulie.
You knew his demise would come, and I liked how Child did it.
I also liked how Child wove the back story of events from ten years previous into the present day happenings of Jack Reacher.
I was a little surprised when I started reading the book that it was in first person, since the two others I read were not.
I was also surprised to see Jack Reacher looking at his watch for the time.
In "The Hard Way," he always knew what time it was with his internal clock that he really couldn't explain.
The story being told in first person was still very well done and I enjoyed it.
The bit about the watch was no big deal, just something I noticed and thought "hmmm" to myself.
Overall, I'm still very happy I discovered Lee Child and the Jack Reacher novels.
I am enjoying them and find them to be brutal action tales with a great lead character and interesting bad guys and supporting characters.
They are fun to read, keep you attention, and make you not want to put the book down because you yearn to find out what happens next.
Great suspense, interesting characters, tough-guy hero, mean bad guys, and a very entertaining story make "Persuader" a fun action tale and an enjoyable read.

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