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How to Make Shoe Planters

    • 1). Get shoes or boots for your planters. Go with old shoes you can't bear to throw out, or shoes your child outgrew, or head to a thrift store for cheap shoes to use for this project. You'll get two planters out of each pair of shoes.

    • 2). Drill several holes in the bottom of each shoe, using a drill fitted with a 1/8-inch drill bit, or a hammer and nail if you don't have a drill handy.

    • 3). Waterproof shoes by painting them with a decoupage glue, or leave them as-is to artfully crack and age. Both looks work, and rain boots need no weatherproofing. Remove the laces from lace-up shoes. Once the decoupage glue dries, you're good to get planting.

    • 4). Pour 1 inch of gravel in the bottom of the shoe to increase drainage. Next add potting soil to fill the shoe halfway, or three-quarters for a tall boot.

    • 5). Remove your plants from their plastic containers. Lightly squeeze the root ball, then place one plant inside each shoe where your foot would go, spreading the roots out against the soil.

    • 6). Pour more potting soil around the plant to complete planting, then water the soil until it compacts. Plant all shoes like this.

    • 7). Arrange the shoes in your garden or on your porch or balcony. Place shade plants in the shade and full sun bloomers in the sun.

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