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Will the Electric Car Change the World?

Will it be the nation of Israel that will bring change? That nation has launched an ambitious project to build a network of electric car recharging stations across its territory.
If this bold innovation comes anywhere near being considered successful, it's only a matter of time before other countries follow their lead, especially those that must import their energy needs.
This will convince a skeptical world that the electric car has arrived, and it's here to stay.
Car makers will have to get on the bandwagon or be left behind.
If that is the case, it will be clear that the days of Big Oil are numbered, no matter how far off.
The boating of oil rich dictators that they can cut off oil supplies to those that disagree with them will become less effective.
OPEC, which has recently seemed unable to corral recent fluctuations in oil prices, may become a ceremonial relic or disappear entirely.
The oil rich nations will gradually lose their wealth and influence, which may be a good thing even for it's own citizens.
Pollution caused by oil refineries, and the nagging danger of a supertanker running aground and causing ecological damage would be a thing of the past, making for a cleaner planet.
Recently the state of Hawaii a program to install a similar system as Israel's.
In China, an electric version of the German SmartCar will be built.
If China can build a reliable electric car at a much lower price than the upcoming Chevrolet Volt by GM, it will make China the leader in electric cars, and accelerate world-wide acceptance of them.
An electric model of the popular MiniCooper is also in the works.
The major stumbling blocks to electric cars has been limited speed and range.
If both are resolved soon, OPEC will be doomed, and that would be REAL change.

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