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Are Chase Home Equity Loans Right for You?

A house owner at any point of time can use his own house as collateral to avail a loan.
The need could be for house renovation, travel, medical, and automobile, education or debt consolidation.
As per the credit policy of Chase the primary residence of the house owner should be the collateral property.
Chase home equity line of credit has many options for a house owner to make a good decision in choosing the loan.
Chase home equity loans have rates that are competitive and they also have an online calculator which helps the house owner to calculate and find out his repayment details.
It has different types of loans; they are the fixed rate loan and the variable rate loan.
They are also for new home buyers.
In Chase fixed interest rate loan, the monthly payment is fixed and house owner gets one lump sum amount.
The interest rate is lower than the credit card interest or any other unsecured loan.
The Chase variable rate loan or also known as the home equity line of credit.
Here the rate of interest is not fixed.
The period to withdraw the money and repay is fixed.
The rate of interest in this line of credit is lower than any loan or a credit card.
The interest here is tax-deductible.
Chase Visa card enables easy access to money and checks which can be used at any of their branches.
In order to qualify for a loan the house owner should have a good credit history, his employment and income should be within the set norms, he should be eligible for the amount requested by him and chase will assess his property value and all other debts held by the applicant.
Only if all the criteria are satisfied can he get Chase home equity loans.
Thus, it makes things much easier for anyone in need of immediate finances, and the multiple repayment options makes it all the more affordable and manageable.
Before deciding and choosing a particular loan it is always better to shop for them.
While shopping the APR is an important aspect to be analyzed.
Generally the APR includes both the interest and the charges of the lender and if the APR rate is low the loan value will also be low.
The Chase loan calculator will be of great help while choosing your most workable option for you, according to your needs.

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