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Why Serious Cyclists Live for Strength Training

Ask any serious cyclist about their workout regimen and they'll absolutely tell you about strength training.
Cycling is a physically-taxing activity that requires you to have powerful legs, a solid core and strong arms, and the best way to achieve all that is through total body strength training.
Although your legs are the core muscle group used in cycling, the rest of your body needs to be trained to effectively support the foundation they create.
Your back and abdominal muscles must provide a stable platform and strong core that supports your peddling power and increases your speed and endurance on the bike.
Keep in mind, all the strength training you do also boosts your leg power, so it's a win-win situation all around.
In addition to improving your cycling performance, strength training is important for the health of your muscles and joints.
Because cycling requires the body to engage in repetitive movements for extended periods of time, a strength deficit can begin to form between your various muscle groups.
When this happens, your body becomes prone to injury.
Training helps keep your whole body strong and healthy by building up all your connective tissues equally.
Another problem faced by serious cyclists comes in the form of overuse injuries.
The knees are one of the most commonly affected areas due to the repeated flexing and extending motions that occur during peddling.
Strength training helps maintain the proper muscle balance in this area to prevent inflammation and high tendon stress from occurring.
Let's recap for a minute.
Strength training is important for cyclists because it: •Increases leg power •Helps build strong arms and a powerful core •Promotes healthy muscles and joints by preventing strength deficits •Maintains muscle balance to help avoid overuse injuries •Improves overall cycling performance With all those benefits, it's clear that strength training is a must for the serious cyclist.
Start building a program that meets your body's needs so you can keep peddling for many years to come.

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