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Best plants for your home

Some house-plants absorb harmful radiation from TV screen and computer monitors, while others eliminate the harmful chemical compounds from paints, varnishes, solvents and cleaning agents. To ensure the clean air for your family, you will need only a few beautiful plants such as ficus, dracena, fern, aloe vera and cactus. Research shows that it would be good if you can have one plant on every nine square meters of your home space.

Dracena is a plant that likes light but not direct sun. Do not keep it in a draft because it will quickly lost most of its leaves. If you regularly shower a plant, it will advance nicely.
Dracena is indispensable air purifier, as it reduces the concentration of formaldehyde, particles that evaporate from the cleaning agents, paints, solvents, various sprays and deodorants.

Fern requires plenty of moisture, and does not like direct sunlight, so it should be kept in the kitchen or bathroom, but only if those rooms have windows. This plant sprayed with water that had stayed in a bottle for some time and fertilize it every three months.
Fern reduces the concentration of formaldehyde from furniture, adhesives, paint, plastic bags, detergents, fabrics and curtains.

Cactuses are easy to grow and they usually grow well without much care. They do not seek the light or any special treatment, so they survive even with people that are too busy to take regular care of them. Cactuses, especially the bigger ones, reducing the concentration of organic substances that evaporate and absorb harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Ficus benjamina ir simply ficus search light, but don't stand drafts or sudden temperature changes. In the summer time leaves of this plant needs to be washed with lukewarm water in which you have melted a little soap every eight days. Soap can be the same one that you use for washing walls but remember to wash the leaves after with water.
Ficus neutralizes tobacco smoke, reduces the concentration of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, so it is very useful plant apartments located in city areas with large traffic.

Aloe Vera
Aloe vera needs to be watered once a week. It does not like direct sunlight, and its leaves should be sprayed with liquid fertilizer approximately every two weeks. Aloe vera reduces the concentration of organic particles that evaporate and absorb electromagnetic radiation of television sets, computer monitors, microwave ovens and mobile devices.

The tip at the end
Do not keep plants in the bedroom, because the plants in darkness consume the oxygen from the air. Of all the plants mentioned easiest to keep and manage is Dracena with broad long leaves.

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