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Get Back Your Ex Boyfriend - 5 Top Tactics to Renew Your Relationship

Did your ex boyfriend recently tell you to take a hike? In spite of your ex lover's cold decision to leave you, are you still in love with them? Do you still want to get back your ex boyfriend? If so, you nee to follow these 5 tactics to a happy relationship with your ex lover.
Were there any changes in your communication or a lessening of romance in your relationship? If so, you must find out why.
Was it one sided? Examine the possible causes of the changes in that aspect of your relationship.
This is critical to planning your moves.
Improve the trust between you and your ex.
When you are able to have a serious talk with your ex, it is fair to express your feelings of trust that you always felt for your ex.
Even if your experienced mistrust, the fact that you expressed your trust in them will cause them to discuss any acts of distrust they may bear.
Before having any of the above discussions, you must put your ex at ease by giving them space and not blaming them.
Any extensive conversations should be made in person on neutral ground...
no fancy dinners.
You must reinforce the fact that these meetings will not be confrontational.
You must appear civil and fair.
You may want to accept blame and apologize for the breakup.
Stay positive during this process.
It will take time for your ex to realize just how much they want to be back with you.

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