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Unique Arrangements With Flower Picks

The flower arrangements that one picks for a wedding ceremony should reflect the personal preferences and style of the bride and groom.
For the presentation of flowers at a wedding, you need to consider everything, from the dcor to the garnish, the greenery and the colors that will be used for the decoration of the aisle, the pews, the altar, the centerpieces and the wreaths.
Flower picks are versatile tools that help to make attractive floral arrangements for such special occasions.
Generally, a standard flower pick will be about six inches long.
Flowers or other dcor elements can be attached using the wire extending from one of the ends of the floral pick.
Flower Picks: Ideas for the Wedding Bouquet The wedding bouquet is one of the key components of the flower arrangement in a wedding ceremony.
Here are some ideas for using flower picks for your wedding bouquet.
Colonial Bouquet: Otherwise also known as the 'round' bouquet.
This flower arrangement for the wedding bouquet has been used since the Victorian era.
The flowers are grouped together either in a tight or a loose cluster.
This arrangement of the wedding bouquet goes well with both formal as well as informal flower arrangements.
Biedermeier: This arrangement is inspired by European influences and consists of various kinds of flowers of different colors.
The flowers are arranged in a circular fashion.
Nosegay: This floral arrangement is characterized by a round bunch of small flowers.
It usually has ribbon streamers and greenery added to the arrangement.
Cascade Bridal Bouquet: This bouquet arrangement is characterized by a trail of flowers or foliage, which extends beneath the main bouquet, giving the wedding bouquet a more elegant and formal appearance.
If you want a more traditional look, the bouquet can sit nested in a tulle or lace bouquet collar.
Using Flower Picks: A Guide to Flower Arrangement Flower picks are an integral part of flower arrangements.
Here are a few things that will help you make unique flower arrangements.
Before you start arranging the flowers, you should spread the blossoms and the branches apart so that they do not look too crowded.
Also, take care to remove any manufacturers' stickers and tags.
Now you can start off with any preliminary shaping for wired parts, such as the branched stem sections, the leaves and the petals.
Give shape to the floral arrangement using only gentle pressure with the thumb and the first two fingers.
Avoid making any sharp or angular curves.
As you assemble the flower arrangement, try and imagine how real flowers and plants would look and accordingly shape the arrangement.
You could also search the internet for more realistic flower arrangement designs.
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