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How to Make a Centerpiece of Bride Dolls

    • 1). Place your dolls' stands and seats in the center of a table. Use at least three dolls to make sure one doll's face can be seen by the entire table. For seats, use large dollhouse chairs or lay fabric over a small, empty cardboard box.

    • 2). Secure your standing dolls on their stands. Position your seated dolls on their seats. Ideally, each doll in the centerpiece would be a different height: one standing, one on a seat high enough that her feet do not touch the table, and one on a lower seat. Using different heights adds drama and an interesting design element to the centerpiece.

    • 3). Add accessories. For a seated doll, place a hand mirror in one hand and a brush in the other, or have her hold a small Bible. For the standing doll, place a doll-sized flower bouquet in her hand.

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