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Natural Acne Treatments - Is Stress Causing Your Breakouts?

As researchers continue to increase their knowledge on acne so do the potential reasons that can cause and make acne worse.
Many believe that prolonged mental stress can make your acne condition worse.
While it may not be the only factor affecting your acne, dealing with stress effectively is an important part of any effective acne treatment program.
There are many ways to reduce and manage stress, here are a few listed below: Exercise: Performing regular exercise is a proven way to reduce stress.
There are two types of exercises that one can do and they are aerobic or cardiovascular workouts and strength training.
Both are important for multiple reasons including stress management as well as directly reducing acne since proper exercise has a cleansing effect on your system which can aid in the reduction of acne causing bacteria.
Aerobic exercise should be done 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes at a time.
It can be performed in many different ways, some simple aerobic exercise routines can include a light walk outside if the weather permits or indoors on a treadmill.
You could also ride a bike instead of walking or use a stationary bike indoors.
It is a good idea to vary your workouts to avoid boredom and increase the likelihood that you will stick with it.
Weight training workouts should be done with sufficient breaks between workouts so as to avoid over training which can lead to other health problems.
It is a good idea to get some training sessions with a personal trainer if you are new to lifting weights since you want to use proper form and technique so as not to injure yourself.
Laughter: One of the best ways to melt stress away is through laughing.
Be sure to watch a lot of comedies on television and when you go to the movies pick a funny movie whenever you can.
Many clinics attribute great healing properties to laughter and even use it as therapy to help many patients get better.
Meditation: Learning to silence the mind and eliminate turbulence is a key factor in reducing mental stress.
Most meditation practices focus on helping to quiet the mind and attain a peaceful mental state.
There are tons of different meditative practices so pick one you feel comfortable with and apply it on a regular basis to help manage stress and improve your mental wellbeing.
Get A Pet: Taking care of a pet can offer great benefits including stress reduction.
Dogs have been shown to be the best, they are indeed 'mans' best friend'.
However be sure that you are financially ready to take on the extra expenses and also be sure that you are able to dedicate time since they are almost like having another family member.
Think Positive: A lot of mental stress is caused by having a negative outlook on the situations that occur in your life.
You do not have control over most of the events around you however you do have control over how you interpret them.
You can choose to always get angry and upset or try to find a solution calmly.
It is normal to get angry or upset every now and then but to always be in this state can be very harmful for your health and can make your acne worse due to all the extra mental stress.
As hard as it may seem at times, try to see the glass as half full as often as you can.
Use some these stress reduction strategies to help reduce your acne and give you clearer skin.

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