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How to Lose Water Pressure in My Shower

    • 1). Flush the toilet. This will cause a decrease in the cold water going to the shower and decrease the water pressure. A toilet has a large water line connected to it so it fills up quickly. This will give you the largest decrease in cold water pressure and an increase in water temperatures in the shower until the toilet fills up. You can achieve similar results by turning on cold water in a faucet.

    • 2). Turn on the hot water in a faucet to reduce the hot water pressure in the shower. This will decrease the water temperature since you are lessening the hot water supply. If you have a summer/winter furnace that uses radiator, this can happen when the boiler heats water for the radiators. It takes heat away from the water produced for household consumption and uses it for heating the radiators.

    • 3). Locate the water shut-off valve for the shower and decrease the pressure by turning the valve counterclockwise. In some cases, the valve is located in the basement plumbing system but in most cases, the valves are inside the wall behind water controls inside the shower. If you have an access panel, you can use this method to lose water pressure.

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