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Turbo Fire

In order to get the results that you want from your workout sessions, you need to make sure your doing the right kind of workouts at the right level of intensity.
It is not enough to merely work up a sweat and feel tired, you need to ensure that you're working out at your maximum potential in order to reap the most benefits.
A high intensity workout is what you need if your goal is to burn maximum calories, and a workout like the Turbo Fire exercise DVDs is one example of a workout that can help you achieve your goal.
If you're familiar with Chalene Johnson from the Turbo Jam workout DVDs, then you'll know what to expect from the Turbo Fire sessions because they were created by her too.
The Turbo Fire workout session will take your workout to a whole other level and raise the intensity of your workout sessions so you'll be working harder and better than ever before.
The sessions are like nothing you have ever experienced, and the intensity level will make your heart pump harder and push you to work harder than you've ever had during a workout session.
The Turbo Fire workout session will get you burning up to nine times more fat than the regular cardio workouts, and if you've done the Johnson's Turbo Jam sessions before, you'll know what you can expect from this workout.
Except it is done at a higher intensity level of course.
With upbeat dance music to get you moving and push you past your limits in order to reach your goal of a slimmer, trimmer and leaner you in no time.

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