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How Is Data Retrieved From a Microsoft Access Database?

    Finding Records in a Table

    • One way to view data in Access is to open a table, which typically is where the main records in a database are stored. When the table is open, the records can be sorted, or a user can use the search-and-find function to pinpoint a particular record.

    Creating a Query

    • If users want to view a series of records, such as all those accounts created in September, they can create a query, which is basically a slice of a table. The query function allows users to specify keywords, a date range, location, and more.

    Running a Report

    • Reports are useful when data must be presented to others, such as a monthly accounts-receivable report. They can show a slice of a data table much like a query can, but can be graphically enhanced. Microsoft also offers Access report templates on its website.

    Retrieving Data Programmatically

    • It is also possible to retrieve data from Access programmatically, such as using or Visual Basic .Net. Microsoft's support forum lists several articles that give step-by-step instructions.

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