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Civic Chrome Exhaust Tips

    Where To Buy A Chrome Tip

    • Chrome exhaust tips can be found easily and also usually don't cost that much money. If you want to shop in a store, then start with a large auto parts store that has a large selection to choose from. You can also find them at muffler shops and even Honda dealerships. Also check online companies and eBay.

    Styles and Sizes

    • Chrome exhaust tips come in many designs and can sized to suit any exhaust and look you want. Tips can terminate in round, oval, square or rectangular openings and can have a sharp edge or a smooth, beveled edge with the metal curved in at the opening. You can get single or dual outlet tips. The size of the opening can range from the stock size to a coffee-can sized exhaust. The best bet is usually something in between. There are also resonated exhaust tips, which feature extra material embedded in the tips to deepen or mellow the exhaust sound.

    Installing and Caring for Chrome Tips

    • Most chrome tips are easy to install on a Civic. Simply slide the tip over your existing exhaust pipe until it is in the desired position. Tighten the bolts until the tip is securely fastened to the exhaust. To keep chrome tips looking new, clean them frequently with soap and water, dry them with a towel and polish them with chrome polish.

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