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How to Travel More "Green"

Many of us love the outdoors, and in some cases, we love it immensely.
Outdoor activities -- and the travel we engage in to get to our destinations -- can destroy the wild places we've come to enjoy.
Thankfully, it doesn't have to be that way...
getting there is half the fun, right? There is the alternative of selecting airlines with the latest, more fuel-efficient jets; this reduces your individual carbon footprint.
But in the end, this is not a green transport mode.
You could offset your carbon footprint by joining one of the schemes that "pays back" what you "spent" in terms of emissions by planting trees in an equivalent amount to the carbon footprint of your flight Walk More Will you be able to walk from your vacation rental to restaurants and entertainment? If there are certain places you want to see, and then book your rental near those places to make your trip more walk able.
Walking is one of the easiest ways to reduce your impact.
Once you arrive at your destination, your options for a green holiday open up tremendously.
You have many options that will allow you to have a holiday that is more earth friendly.
In many countries, locally owned eating establishments use locally grown food and make little or no use of pre-packaged foodstuffs, so you may want to select those over international food chains.
Find green hotels There are now many green hotels springing up across the world that for example are committed to saving water and power.
You may also find that locally owned establishments will follow similar strategies out of necessity, to enable them to be competitive.
Greening Your Vacation Rental Let's face it as much as we love camping, hostels, and eco-lodges sometimes a vacation rental really is the best/most reasonable option.
Luckily when staying in a rental, you do have a lot of control over your environmental impact.
Here are few of our tips for being green during your next vacation rental stay: Unplug, Unplug, Unplug (Appliances drain even when they're not on.
If you spend just a few minutes unplugging you will already have made a difference.
) When you leave the room turn everything off.
Recycle Take shorter showers.
(The average US shower head spits out about 2.
5 gallons per minute.
That adds up really fast!) If you have any tips for traveling green, comment and let us know! Now, get off the computer and go spend some time outside.
Traveling around green You can opt to use local public transport instead of hiring a car or taking taxis.
This will save you money, help the planet and very often make for some of the most interesting experiences of your trip.
When enjoying activities, for example at the beach, choose windsurfing over hiring a jet ski, most of which run on heavily polluting two-stroke engines.
The same is true of hiring scooters in many countries; consider renting a bicycle in place of a polluting scooter.
Most countries now offer eco-friendly tours designed to avoid the damage to the environment that was the reason people visit those locations in the first place.
Most local tourism offices or national tourism boards are happy to assist with information on companies that offer green trips and excursions.
Be responsible when traveling Being responsible while on holiday is simple and should not be an inconvenience.
Picking up your own rubbish when leaving the beach, sticking to marked hiking trails and avoiding heavily polluting transport are simple and effective ways of being as green as possible while still enjoying your holiday.

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