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How to Install a Subaru Outback Trailer Hitch

    • 1). Lift up the rear of the vehicle with the jack and place it on jack stands. Make sure that the vehicle is secure before you crawl underneath it.

    • 2). Lubricate the rear exhaust hangers using the silicone or white lithium grease. Once lubricated, pull off the exhaust hangers.

    • 3). Remove the plastic bolt cover on each side of the rear end that covers two bolts next to the exhaust.

    • 4). Unbolt those two bolts using the 1/2-inch ratchet and extension. These can be difficult bolts to remove, so put some extra effort into it.

    • 5). Maneuver the new hitch into place. This can be difficult to do with the exhaust still in place, but if you're able to get the hitch around the muffler, the exhaust will help you support the hitch while bolting it in place. If you cannot get the hitch around the muffler, unbolt the muffler from the y-pipe using a 3/8-inch ratchet and set the muffler to the side.

    • 6). Bolt the hitch into place using the provided hardware and spacers. There is an additional mounting point at the middle of the vehicle next to the hitch receiver, and that can be bolted in using the 3/8-inch ratchet and sockets.

    • 7). Raise up the vehicle and remove the jack stands. Lower the car back down to the ground.

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