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The Ultimate Travel Guide to Fes (Fez), Morocco

This Fes (Fez) travel guide will help you -- Find out when to go to Fes and what to see (page 1), how to get to Fes and get around (page 2), and where to stay in Fes (this page).

There are plenty of good hotels in Fes and I personally recommend staying in a Riad or apartment inside the old city walls.

Renting a Traditional House in Fes

If you're really up for a unique experience you should rent a traditional house or apartment in the heart of the medina.

It's cheaper than staying in many of the Riads and the houses are just as beautiful. You can stay for just 2 nights if that's all the time you have. This is also an ideal option if you want the convenience of having your own fridge and small kitchen without having to pay through the roof for a fancy hotel with minibar.

Recommended Riads in Old Fes

Riads are basically traditional homes in old Fes that have been renovated and turned into small hotels. There are usually a limited number of rooms or suites built around a courtyard, making the experience personal and intimate. Very often, the rooftops provide good views over the city and make for a great place to enjoy breakfast and watch the folks go about their daily business in the streets below.

Riad Fes
An upscale Riad with pool situated in the heart of the medina with a nice roof terrace and garden. Riad Fes has its own restaurant, bar and a total of 17 rooms, most of them suites. There is also a small swimming pool, a rooftop jacuzzi and gym.

Riad Maison Bleu
There are 13 deluxe rooms at this Riad and a beautiful courtyard with swimming pool. Three terraces offer excellent views of the city and breakfast is served on the rooftop.

Dar Cordoba
Run by a Spanish couple, Dar Cordoba has 5 rooms and is one of the more moderately priced Riads in Fes. Breakfast is included, the decor is traditional and therefore quite exquisite and the location is perfect for exploring the medina.

Riad Mabrouka
The Riad Mabrouka is situated in the heart of the Medina. Traditionally restored, the Riad is a masterpiece of Moroccan tile work. There are 8 rooms, a small swimming pool and lovely garden with wonderful views of the bustling Medina from several terraces. The food is also excellent.

Dar Anebar
A very nice Riad, tastefully decorated with just 4 spacious suites, making it a very intimate and friendly place to stay. The Riad has a very good restaurant serving traditional Moroccan food. The owner will pick you up from the city gates and a mule will carry your bags to the Riad. What a way to start your Fes experience! More Riads in Fes .... Recommended Hotels in Fes

Sofitel Palais Jamai
The Palais Jamai is probably the best known hotel in Fes and it is spectacular. The hotel was originally built in 1879 in a Moorish style and is basically a luxurious palace. The hotel is situated right above the old Fes, with wonderful views offered from its many terraces. There are 129 rooms; 19 suites; a sauna, bar, and several restaurants.

Budget Hotels in Fes

There are budget hotels in the new part of Fes, but there's not a lot to see there, so most people opt to stay in old Fes. The best budget hotels are scattered near the Bab al Jajoud gate. The location is convenient, lots of roof top terraces to while away your time on, and you're in the thick of the best part of the Medina here.

Hotels that are recommended include:
Pension Talaa (
Hotel Batha (
Hotel Cascade
Pension Batha
Hotel Erraha

Budget Riads in Fes

Budget Riads are a little more expensive than the budget hotels, but the rooms are generally nicer and very ornate. Budget Riad's include:
Dar El Hana
Pension Dar Bouanania

Page 1: When to go to Fes and What to See in Fez
Page 2: Getting To (and Around) Fes

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