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Pâtisserie Douce France

Pâtisserie Douce France Overview:

Pâtisserie Douce France fulfilled Fabrice Le Nud's dream of owning his own pâtisserie, something he had as a goal even as an apprentice pâtissier in his native France.

With fine palmiers, brioches, tarts, and other pastries served in an ambiance that evokes a Parisian tea house, Douce France comes to the rescue of nostalgic French expats and gifts São Paulo with a level of craftsmanship only a mix of talent, passion and experience can achieve.

Before opening Douce France in 2001, Fabrice Le Nud was chef pâtissier at Sofitel in São Paulo and Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech.

Pâtisserie Douce France Highlights:

Go to Douce France for the authentic French baguette and other breads such as rye with raisins; classic sweets - operas, éclairs, Saint Honoré; quiches and Parisian gnocchi.

Chef Le Nud excels in entremets, or mousse cakes. The Mogador has chocolate mousse and raspberry filling; the Mestiço takes banana, coconut and rum.

These and other creations have made Fabrice Le Nud a consecutive four-time winner (2005-2008) of the Best Chef Pâtissier award from prestigious Brazil gourmet magazine Gula.

Sorbets and Glaces:

Made from nothing except fresh fruit, water and sugar, the sorbets at Douce France are one of São Paulo's most desirable summer treats.

Chef Le Nud also handcrafts glaces, a creamy ice cream which takes milk and eggs.

Then he elaborates confections such as the Berimbau – mango sorbet on semisweet chocolate – or the Persan (angel cake covered in chocolate and pistachio glace).

Easter Gems:

Chocolate eggs are the stars of the Easter offerings at Douce France. Whereas some other São Paulo chocolatiers have given in to the Brazilian preference for sweet confections, chef Le Nud favors semi-sweet and bittersweet chocolate, with a greater percentage of cocoa.

Christmas at Pâtisserie Douce France:

For Christmas, Douce France has, among other items, Büches de Noel, or Yule logs, and other specialty büches. Seasonal chocolate creations such as the nativity scenes are, like all Douce France bonbons, all made from Belgian chocolate.

Address & Contact Information:
  • Alameda Jaú 554
    Cerqueira César
    Phone: 55-11-3262-3542
  • Morumbi Shopping Branch
    Fashion Area - Piso Lazer (Leisure Floor)
    Phone: 55-11-5189-4584

São Paulo - SP

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