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The Picturesque Hotels in Shimla

The Pretty Hill Station
The most visited and popular hill station in the northern bracket of India that is located in Himachal Pradesh was called Simla earlier. While travelling to this most picturesque place one can have their pick of the various hotels in Shimla that is based on the budget of the tourist. For instance one can pick and choose the location near The Mall. Hotel Honeymoon Inn is of course famously used by honeymooners, families and business people alike. The rooms are equipped with everything modern right from Wi-Fi connectivity to convector heating. Room service is available 24x7 and the restaurant has multi cuisine delicacies to suit myriad palates. In addition to this, the hotel provides fun elements like horse riding, a tuck shop, billiards or pool room, nightclub, gaming room with video games, etc. In sum, no one travelling to the location or residing in the rooms will feel bored after sightseeing. Food as they say is a rest stop for everyone and people travelling make it a point to check out the local cuisine.

Cuisine is Mouth Smacking
The Lakkar Bazaar hotels Shimla are aplenty. Hotel Kapil is one of the places that tourists can avail of as it has options like Wi-Fi internet, cable television, laundry services, free parking and bottled water. Considering that it is relatively close to Christ Church, Lakkar bazaar, Shimla Mall, Gaiety theatre and Jakhu temple, it is bound to be a crowd pleaser. The city has vast attractions that are in demand with tourists as well as inhabitants of the region. When one visits one is always spellbound with the range of jewellery, shawls and pashminas, paintings, rugs, carpets, embroidered clothing, etc. The art of the paintings on the various sculptures bears the exquisite tradition that is so evident of Shimlaites. Most people who visit the region get back home with oodles of stuff. Bargaining is definitely expected by the vendors, but one must not try and short change them as they do this for a living anyways. When a visitor travels across to a new city he or she makes it a point to check out the cuisine of the place. One can try out some lovely stick jaws at Beekays or Krishna bakers that are not available in any pocket of the country. Tibetan cuisine, Chinese, Indian (channa batura), jaleebis, are some of the most popular items to try while visiting this beautiful city nestled in the northern belt of India.

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